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Having Sex with a Ghost?!   
03:04pm 01/10/2009
mood: giggly

Facebook Status: Souda Mani Dat wonderful out there have a breeze. Ah 9 hours ago - via Mobile Web 21 comments

Dinah C. Smith @ 7:53am
Oh yea! brrr lol

Souda Mani @ 8:01am
yeah... open window everywhere let breeze in da house. lmao

Barry Mendonca Jr. @ 10:36am
That mean is ghost surrounder u. GROOOWWLLLLL

Gary Williams @ 12:47pm
Souda, I opened the window and let the cool breezes into my room. It felt very good with cool breezy. It made very comfortable sleeping for me last night. :)

Souda Mani @ 1:59pm
Gary... oh hella yea!

Souda Mani @ 1:59pm
funny Barrrry

Barry Mendonca Jr. @ 3:07pm
Hey Gary are u sure u felt comforable the breezing crawling ur bed?? I assume there could either two things ghost and exorcist while u sleepin. GROOWWLL . That is possible. HAHAHA

Gary Williams @ 3:15pm
If it feels soo good, then I welcome a ghost into my bed and have a really good ghost sex. ;-) LOL

Gary Williams @ 3:15pm
Maybe. Ha

Barry Mendonca Jr. @ 3:51pm
GHOST SEX,?? Oh get a fuckin grip. Lol. Ghost is inspirial soul. Impossibiely avoid sexually. Lmfao

Souda Mani @ 4:06pm
lol nooo sexually nothing. ppft

Barry Mendonca Jr.@ 4:15pm
Are u sure about that ??? Who is buying this story ??? I got my 100.00 buck ready here. Lmfao

Gary Williams @ 4:23pm
Barry, you never know! Every ghost is different. Some ghosts can be mean, nice, cool, etc. One might thinks a ghost can be horny than the others. Ever saw this funny movie called Scary Movie? A girl has sex with an old man ghost in that movie. it's TRUEEE! SO, you lost. Pay up, bitch!

Souda Mani @ 4:34pm
lol...right on Gary!! woot!

Barry Mendonca Jr. @ 4.36pm

Barry Mendonca Jr. @ 4:38pm

Gary Williams @ 4:42pm
Title? Author's name who wrote that book? I'll might go and check out that book.

I'm really smart, so don't fuck around with me. ;-)

Barry Mendonca Jr. @ 4:45pm
Whoaa. Then don't call me bitch. THAT CALL FUCK WITH MEEE. BOYYY. CHILL OUT AND NO PLM GET IT. ALSO GO CHECK URSELF. VERY EASY OK. be good boy now. Ttyl

Gary Williams @ 4:54pm
Whatever! Go bang your head on the wall or something, will ya?

Gary: 1 - Barry: 0 I win! =-) End of discussion. Have a nice day, dude.

Barry Mendonca Jr. @ 5:10pm
Why don't u do it urself to me. Loser. Yea end of disussion. NERDO. Bye

Gary Williams @ 5:19pm
I forgot to add two things. Virgin Mary, y'know? That's a true inspired story. She got pregnant by God and God is spiritual, right? And another movie you should check out, the Exocrism of Emily Rose. She was raped by a ghost. See-see, there are ghosts who can have sex with human beings while YOU, sir have nothing to back up your statements.

Gary: 2 - Barry: 0 =-) Bring it on!

Barry Medonca Jr. @ 5:40pm

Souda Mani @ 5:44pm
Oooo boy! both of u stopped it!! ahhh!

Gary Williams @ 5:50pm
Barry. This is the LAST time I will say this to you. Why don't you go and do a seance to call a spirit to have sex with you? If you won't, that means you know it's a possible.

And if a spirit does not come to you, that means you're not attractive enough. :-)
12:34pm 26/07/2009
mood: apathetic
I'm on a diet, but I feel like I want to die. lol I miss food, but right now, I'm eating cheerios dry, but with little cuts of banana. No milk or sugar. Too risky. lol
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Writer's Block: Family Heirlooms   
08:24am 19/07/2009
Is there anything in your family that has been passed down from generation to generation, or from family member to family member? What is it? And who do you plan to pass it on to?

Almost 10-month-old DJ already! :-)
12:41am 24/05/2009
mood: bitchy
I'm at work very early, waiting for the truck to arrive, but I'm just feeling very angry right now. >:-/
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Writer's Block: BFF   
04:58pm 15/05/2009
mood: lethargic
Who was your first friend on LiveJournal? Are they still on your Friends list?
. It was way back in 2002. We were talking about livejournal and she was telling me that a lot of deaf people we know have their own unlocked LJ blogs and we could read all about them at first till everyone realized they can turn their blogs into friend private only. LOL SO I created myself and added some people I know. Then she told me about Oh No They Didn't community and some other cool communities, then I found myself reading about it everyday. Then I made some cool interesting LJ friends. Yes, Heather's still on my friends list, but her laptop is kaput, so she couldn't use LJ much anymore. And honestly, if it wasn't for ONTD, i don't think I would be bothered coming in here anymore.

So, the semester's finally over fo the summer and I might will have more time to read/leave comments/update my journal, so we'll see! :) If I couldn't write to express my thoughts, I could just answer some LJ questions for the day. It's better than nothing.
Writer's Block: Heavenly Bodies   
02:56pm 08/04/2009
mood: calm
If you discovered a new planet, what would you name it?

I'd name it E.T. as in Extra Terrene.
Writer's Block: What My Friends & Family Would Say about Me   
12:28am 25/03/2009
mood: busy
What would your best friend say makes you great? What about your parents or siblings?

That I am a great friend to hang out with.
That I am loved.
That I am a real cool person and easy to get along with - unless you pissed me off. Lol
If you meet me in real life, you'd understand why. :-)
Finally! A real update!   
04:52am 19/01/2009
mood: jubilant
We have 3 family dogs here at home. Anyways, I was away for work for maybe 3 hours or so and I was the last person to leave the house, so after work, I arrived home, I was all OMFG!!! When I saw two of the family dogs was wandering around outside of my home for hours at that time I was away. Lucky, they weren't too far away from home, so I quickly gathered them up in my car and zoomed to my house to get them back home safely. I also found that the front door was opened slightly. I obviously didn't completely closed and locked the door before leaving the house. (Yes, I'm that cocky! Haha) I even thought worst when I realized I was missing one more dog, and anyone could've come in the house and steal something vulnerable (like my saving money and laptop!) from us. I had to search the house briefly to make sure that nothing seemed amiss and while I was doing at it, I found another third dog in my sister's room, sleeping soundly on her bed. I was all like "Praise the Lord!" and woke the dog up. LOL! Seriously I felt like I was really lucky that I caught those dogs early before my family even noticed they were missing. :-P


Oh, and get this; a teenager girl named Joy at my workplace has a such puppy crush on me. I've seen her around at work for years since day 1 and she's a friend with my sister, so she has gotten my text number from Brittany and she texted me. We chatted a bit over texts for a very short time but nothing goes further than that because I'm just not that into her. If I have my type for girls, she wouldn't be it, sry2say. Tonight, Joy brought her HS friend to work where they can prep the papers together. So, I just walked in to do my own things, I immediately noticed that two girls was totally taking about me. It was so obviously I could tell because they were LOOKING AT ME AND start to giggling and look away when I busted them checking me out. I don't know why my sister didn't warned her that I was gay. LOL So, I had some talks with Brittany and she basically said that Joy likes all boys. In a way, I was very relieved because her crush on me probably won't last very long because mostly, I tend to work fast (maybe that's very attractive to her?), be done with my work and get home ASAP, so I could sleep. Seriously, all work and no play make Gary a very boring person, but it's not like I'm going to live my life a little more dangerously by fooling around with that teenager girl. LOL! I'd really like to know what she sees in me tho.

Maybe in another lifetime. :)

My life is constantly changing every single day. It's always something new or different or whatever even if my life's very stable and routine. It's just that every little thing is different now than before. IDK but I tend to ~*go with the flow*~. However, not so much right now since I'm working on my totally tardy NYE's resolutions/short-term goals and pretty much, here's the list I'm going to work on for this year:
1. Save up 5K again. Only 38 more weeks to go. . .
2. Get ready for school tomorrow. Oh shit! XD
3. Work out and lose some weight to my ideal weight.
4. Break a bad habit - just to save money.
5. Pay off 2 of my major bills 1st and then redirect it to pay off the rest of my minor bills.
6. Try to update my journal more often. ;-P
6. Start off 2010 fresh!

Hmm, what else? I should add more but I can't really think of anything else right now but it'll do for now. I have to work very fast to accomplish it all this year actually because I think I'll be quitting my job by the end of the year and go back to Gallaudet University in DC next year to finish my Education degree for real. This is a big deal because I'm getting so close to there now. XD Ugh! So many things to do, so little time. I have to say life is being awesome to me! I can't complain much. :D

Writer's Block: Untimely Passing   
12:26am 09/12/2008
RIP John Lennon. The list of sudden and unexpected celebrity deaths is long—Princess Di, Heath Ledger, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, and many more. Which one affected you the most on an emotional level?

Anna Nicole Smith. She was the "Marilyn Monroe" of our time. I hope she's in a better place with her son, Daniel.

Personally, I think Dannielynn is probably better off with her hottie father than Anna Nicole as her mother in my personal opinion. :/
0 hai!1! L0ng tim3 n0 writ3!   
10:53am 07/10/2008
  Dear Jesse-James Bentley  iekekimokakeli,

I don't really know how to tell you this, but our affair is over. I think I realized it when I quoted Santa ("Ho! Ho! Ho!") in your closet and I saw you sit on the crazy monk. I'm sure you're high enough to understand that Santa doesn't exist. I'm returning your ring to you, but I'll keep my virginity as a memory. You should also know that I am better off without cocaine abuse.

Fuck off now,
Gary Williams, Jr cuzgarysaysso

Action verbs and nouns, what's your function?Collapse )Action verbs and nouns, what's your function?Collapse )
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Writer's Block: At the Hour of Preference   
12:46pm 19/07/2008
mood: amused
What time of day is best? Why?

4:20am, and 4:20pm. You know why. LOL! :-P
10:00am 17/07/2008
mood: indescribable
I did something unthinkable last night at ONTD and I feel so infinite - even if it's just a small, short moment. :-P Bad news tho, I made a enemy. Might as well, fame truly has a price. lol
Curse you, Livejournal!   
09:23am 10/06/2008
mood: lethargic
Ugh. Ugh!! Somehow I've just lost 3. Fuckin'. Hours. Worth of work just so I can update my pictures from vacationing in Hawaii, but now I can't because I've lost. It. All. I'm so sick to my stomach right now that I don't think I can repost it all over again until who. Knows. When. . .
And then that moment's gone. . .   
11:17pm 02/06/2008
mood: relaxed
I had a great week with Chiron. Hawaii's beautiful, but downtown Honolulu, ooh-la-la Capital of Hawaii, looks like the city was build by legos. LOL!

I have a Hawaiian nickname and it's Gary = Kali, I guess. So I said that to some Hawaiian people, "Hi, I'm 'Kali from Cali'". LOL! I guess Chiron influenced me into getting my own Hawaiian name too. Hawaii suits me but then, hello, it's the paradise, duh. I'm sure it's agree with anyone who visits there or lives there, I'm sure of it.

I found that two cameras were not enough to take pictures in a just single island. So like a true dorky tourist, I brought 2 more cameras in Hawaii and I'll be picking it all up tomorrow after the films are all done with developing. I think I will post pictures part 1, 2, 3 and 4 because posting over 100 pictures in just one entry might be overwhelming or too much work or something, I dunno.

In Hawaii, I tried to do everything in O'ahu, but it's totally impossible to do everything in a week because O'ahu island is pretty B-I-G. When I rented an SUV, the mileage was like 100 miles or something and when I had to return SUV back to rental place, the mileage was like over 1,200 miles in just 6 days. o_0 So, yeah if you want to visit one of those big islands in Hawaii, you might want to take tourist buses (if you don't want to go through the hassles of finding the parking space because the Hawaiian population is THAT dense) or rent a car, I guess if you want to drive for a long ride around in O'ahu from one side (Honolulu/Waikiki Beach) to the other side of island (Wahiawa/Waimea Bay Beach). Chiron lives in the middle of valley in the island, so yeah we needed the car and it saved us so much times, that's the most important part of vacation in my personal opinion. The gas was not that bad, I guess because Chiron spent about $70-80 on gas for a tank and full-half. So, no worries on that part. The only real problem was we were late for the bus due to heavy traffic and Chiron just had to stop by a food store to buy a pack of cigarettes. Grrr. We were supposed to be there on time so that the bus can take us to cruise and the magic show, so we thought we were incredibly lucky that we found a parking space close by just in time. But alas, a cruise and a magic show later, we got back to our rental SUV and I got a $35 parking ticket for parking illegeally on certain days. Fuck that! Other than that, Chiron just knew where to find a good parking space, so we never had this problem with finding parking spaces since he knows O'ahu areas very well. I think I'm pretty lucky to have such a best Hawaiian friend - even if he just moved there from Arizona in November. :)

I think I spent over $1.5k mostly on food, alcohol, car, shopping, etc but I still have some money (like 2k) left which is good because I didn't blew all of my money in Hawaii or that I can start over again easily. I think I could've had spent less TBQH when I think about it because I feel like I spent way too much money but then again, like I said before, I can start over again.

I brought just few cute things in downtown Honolulu Mall like this Banana Republic Garrett sunglasses and some cute outfits from Old Navy, American Eagle and various few other stores like gift shops. Ah, you'll see the pictures soon enough. Anyways, I saw Prada store, I saw Gucci store and all those expensive fancy stores in the mall and down the popular Waikiki street, interesting. I saw the designed clothes are really something else and the price tags are really not, if you know what I mean? Maybe if I was a really rich, gay bitch. . . That would be a different story. lol

Most of my skin is now "sunburned black" from being under the sun all the time. About 65 percent of my skin's all dark with tan now. Not too painfully, thankfully but the dry, dead skin is peeling off my nose, my cheeks, my entire face, my arms and my legs already. Wow, I don't think my skin's used to being this much exposed from the sun. I didn't even bothered to use sunscreen lotion because Chiron said he doesn't use it and like a fool tourist, I followed his way and that was a mistake. LOL! That's all I can say for now. Pictures are comin' up next, don't wait up. :-P

Oh yeah, Chiron and I now know how to make perfect Pina Colrada, my personal favorite cocktail drink, with two different kind of rums, Parrot's Bay's and Malibu's. Then we got drunk hard one night at his place and next morning, we were barely hungover. Good times. :-P We also smoked cigarettes like fiends, drank like fishes and enjoyed fun in the sun all week along. Sun, alochol and cigarettes; I honestly won't be surprised if I suddenly look 10 years older than I really am right now. "OMG, GARY, YOUR FACE! LOL!" Pina colrada, Hmm... BRB bbz, gonna make me 1 now.

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Hee hee hee hee hee   
04:45am 28/05/2008
  Dis is Chiron posting some words on Gary's Livejournal cuz he had a B.S.C. moment since he didn't sign off. His funnitude (in range of 1 to 10) is definitely 20. You ripper, Gary! ;)

I bet u r like lol-ing rite now n u know dat u love Urban Language 2 much. Like a Demon, I sign off. Pz y'all.
Writer's Block: Personality Trait = Trouble   
04:24pm 30/04/2008
What personality trait has gotten you in the most trouble?
My devil may care 'tude.
Writer's Block: Ghost Story   
06:15am 28/04/2008
Do you believe in ghosts? If so, have you ever seen one?
I don't really believe in ghosts because they can't hurt you, so I somewhat think ghosts are more of evil spirits or can be good angels or something like that. I can actually feel that an evil spirit is trying to chase me to get me for a long time but I (mostly) stay true to myself. Sometimes I could see this dark figure was right there in the corner of my eye for like, a second, then I quickly glance to see who or what, it's already gone. And one time I dreamt up that I was actually in my bedroom, in my bed, half-sleeping it and I could feel a claw gently tickles my foot. I got up and I totally thinking that it was one of those family's cats that somhow sneaked into my room but the door was closed. It freaked me out right there and then and that was when I figured that an evil spirit is probably trying to send me some kind of sign that it's trying to get me and is not giving up or something. Anyways, like I said, I just think the evil spirit is trying to get me for many years. Sometimes I can feel its presence, sometimes I can see it out of the corner of my eye, but I'm not scared of it and I don't really let it bothers me because I know it can't hurt me no way, God forbids that.

On other news, I just started watching Real World: Hollywood. It always bringz the lulz and I can imagine the drama will be endless, especially with someone who's as interesting as like Brianna. This season is starting off good and omg, for every 13 episodes, it's one hour of each show! I have to agree with this white blonde girl, Kimberly that Brianna's a kinda ghetto girl tbqh.
Writer's Block: Happy Friday   
03:06pm 25/04/2008
mood: bouncy
What are you most looking forward to this weekend?
I'm going to a bonfire in San Francisco! There was first bonfire that I missed and I assumed that it was success because I got this gist from a friend via email with the simplest 411 as possible as can be. Hmm:

Here's information to bonfire. Meet Beto at 645 Excelsior ST., San Francisco, 94112 at 7 PM sharp. [DO NOT KNOCK OR BELL THE HOUSE] You will see him stand outside. Don't be late because if you miss it, that is too fucking bad because you will have to go back home, so be there before 7 PM.

Do not e-mail me about it because I'm telling you where to meet at, so you guys can follow him up to bonfire, do you get it? Then good!

So, basically that's it. I'm very curious and is up for almost anything. SF bonfire? Why not. I believe  there will be friends, alcohol and we'll party hard too. I'm also glad there'll be half moon out in the dark sky tomorrow night just because I like to look at the moon like Halle Berry likes to look up in the blue sky in one of her movies if you know what I mean. Ha. Anyway, so yeah, I'm excited for tomorrow night. Pictures maybe, I dunno but I should, right? :-P
Like a str8 womyn's mind   
05:14pm 03/04/2008
mood: hungry


I'm avotin' fo' Hillary Clinton. Hillary '08 FTW!

Writer's Block: Greatest Accomplishment   
03:09pm 19/03/2008
mood: accomplished
What is your greatest accomplishment? What was the journey to get there?

A long short story, but today I just finally finished my saving-$5k goal. SO, with my under-the-table job, my SSI and my golden egg nest, I'm totally set for life! Who said the economic is hard now because I'm totally living down the easy street, around the corner and in the hood. The world is MY FUCKING OYSTER WITH A SHINY PEARL INSIDE IT FOR ME FOR THE KEEP!! This is like a whole new chapter opens up for me and I'm exciting to live my life with more options again.

Next new goal for me? I'm gonna save up my vacation money for this summer because I'm going to Hawaii to visit one of my BFF who lives in Hawaii, y'all. Connor, if you're reading this; we gotta make a plan soon, dude.

OMG, that means I've gotta do some seriously workouts more and lose this stubborn sonaofabitch pounds before heading off there. I want to look damn good like the rest of those sun-kissed asshole drunk fags when I'm in Hawaii and more being model-like because I'm gonna taking tons of pictures of myself in the background of beautiful Hawaii. More exciting new projects, jeez! LOL! Oh, my pale unattractive yellow skin also needs to have some color from the sun too.


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